The multitude of features which are implemented into the aitoo AppHome Sockets are symbolized through icons on the product and enable an easy orientation.



Saving energy, security, comfort and cost control – these functions are implemented in one single unit of the
aitoo AppHome Sockets:


Time Switch

Using the time switch devices connected to the power plug can be switched on and off to individually set times.



In connection with the motion and daylight sensors, the system can execute an alarm. According to personal set up, an event is followed by light and sound signals and/or messages to mobile devices (text message, email…)



The LED Floor Lighting System helps with orientation during the night by a decent floor lighting. The LED Nachtlichtcan be dimmed and controlled by timer, smartphone or motion sensor. The control of the LED is independent from the control of the power plug functions.


Energy Cost Control (planned)

For saving energy and to gain detailed information about the energy consumption of the household, the device is equipped with a measuring unit.

Control Units

To control the aitoo AppHome Sockets System, the user can chose from the following possibilities:


Android App

Control of the aitoo AppHome Sockets via Android App with a Smartphone or Tablet.


Motion and daylight sensors

Motion and daylight sensors control the system based on events. These events are sent from every sensor to the whole network and the mobile App (See chapter communication) and can trigger switching operations or an alarm.



All components can be controlled using a timer. The set up is stored in the respective device. The timer function is versatility applicable. Three different scenarios will be demonstrated in chapter timer.

Output Units

The following units can be activated using a command or sensor data:


Power Plug

The component is equipped with a power outlet. The power outlet can be used as usual.



A dimmable LED is situated on the bottom of the device. This allows a decent illumination in the darkness and can be used as a light signal as well.



The buzzer can generate an acoustic alarm. Durance and volume can be set up.


The following features can be used for the devices to communicate among each other and to the App:



The aitoo technology is the core of the AppHome Power Socket System. Based on the own standard this technology is tap-proof and robust against other wireless technologies. Range approx. 30 m to 100 m.
The aitoo SWAN (Sensor Wireless Area Network)  gathers and distributes information from the App, the devices and sensors.


Internet / Wi-Fi

The devices can be controlled via the local Wi-Fi network as well as the internet.


Mobile Devices

The devices can be controlled using a mobile device (smartphone/tablet).
Access via LAN or Internet Gateway.


Features for individual set up and verification:



Within the App on the mobile device (smartphone/tablet), this icon guides to the settings menu.



The system offers the possibility to check the current status of the individual settings and output units. This way, the user has the opportunity to check, whether the coffeemaker is switched off or the alarm is set correctly not being at home.