Android Apps for Lighting Control and Motion Detection

This App can be used on a smartphone as well as on a Set Top Box.

The control via smartphone and smartpad is typical in lifestyle home applications. Demo applications for Android smartphones with four bulbs, a motion sensor and  LAN Ethernet hub are available. The Android app has three folders. The bulb status is shown in the light control. Each bulb can be dimmed individually. If the motion sensor registers an event, the alarm status will be shown in the alarm menu and an alert signal will be generated. The IP addresses and the access authority can be entered in the configuration menu.

Lighting App ConfigurationLighting App LightsLightig App Alarm

The newest generation of Set Top Boxes includes an Android system. With Android apps several applications can be realized. With the aitoo  technology a home RF network can be realized. The maximum indoor range is about 30 m. Up to 128 devices can be integrated into the system. With the integrated internet access of the Set Top Box Android apps can be loaded directly. With a TCP/IP connection an Internet Of Things system can be realized.

android home control

Android Apps for RFID Reader

The Android rfid-detailsRFID reader app is an application for reading/writing RFID tags.
The Android APP is connected to the RFID hardware via Bluetooth. The RFID hardware submits the RFID tag data via the Bluetooth link. The tag data will be displayed on the smartphone and can be changed.

This App is for logistical applications designed for smartphones.