Comparison of eCall systems

Based on the EU emergency call system for vehicles called ecall the idea is to expand this thought to other business areas. Why using this comfortable platform for cars only?


  • Wireless module integrated into the car
  • Automatic identification of an accident via sensors
  • Activation is also manually possible
  • Sending message with location information
  • Signal to the control center
  • Call-back from control center

eCallAid open System

This system consists of eCallAid sensor, eCallAid server and eCallAid assist. The eCallAid beacons are the basic requirement for indoor-localisation via Bluetooth. The patient is equipped with the eCallAid sensor, which is then activated within the system. If a an emergency is notified, the necessary information is send to the eCallAid server via internet. The server evaluates the risk and initiates a respective alarm signal. Depending on the kind of risk, the responsible eCallAid assist will be informed. Then the staff member is able to take action, afterwards alarm notification and documentation can be set back.