DALI® is an acronym and stands for “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface“. It is an international standard that guarantees the exchangeability of dimmable ballasts from different manufacturers. This gives planners, lighting manufacturers, building owners, installers and end-users the security of supply from many sources.

The DALI® interface is described in the fluorescent lamp ballast standard IEC 60929 under Annex E. DALI® is the ideal, simplified, digital way of communication tailored to the needs of present day lighting technology. Communication and installation have been simplified as much as possible. All intelligent components communicate within a local system in a way that is both simple and free of interference. There are no special requirements for the wiring of data cables, and there is no need to install termination resistors on the cables to protect them against reflections. DALI® has been designed in a joint effort by all leading control equipment manufacturers with the idea of offering a standard to the lighting market that complies with all requirements.

All lighting component manufacturers are now in a position to solve complex lighting tasks in a simple and comfortable way. With this standard you will be able to offer your customer a full system solution.
(lamp – ballast – luminaire – control unit – lighting system)


Peucon GmbH is working on the development of software and hardware components for the DALI® standard.

Our field of experience includes:

aitoo DALI® Gateway
aitoo DALI® Gateway
  • various microcontroller platforms for embedded systems
  • slim and small protocol stack
  • specialization in AC/DC converters for lighting control
  • realization of integrated solutions, applications with all components on board