“Embedded 24GHz pocket radar” as a bachelor thesis by our working student Mark Otto. Radar technology is one of the cornerstones of autonomous driving and is independent of light and weather conditions. The frequency bands of Radar are divided into four types: 24, 60, 77 and 79 GHz.

The 24 GHz frequency is ideal for measuring movement, speed, angle and distance of objects in the immediate vicinity. It is the ideal platform for embedded applications that need to be small, handy and yet intelligent. Based on the XENSIV™ platform Position2Go from Infineon and an xCORE-200 USB from XMOS as Edge KI controller a powerful pocket radar was developed.

24Ghz Pocket-Radar

Prof. Dr. Sven-Hendrik Voß at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences supervised the work scientifically. The work is a supplement to the promotion and research project on autonomous inland navigation A-SWARM. The control of the two transmitters, the sampling of all four receiver data and several cascades of FFT refractions, as well as the visualization on the display is done in real time.

Every 100ms there is a complete analysis of the data for distance and speed to the object. By means of the Range-Doppler Map the physical relationships are clearly displayed. The small design and the battery allow portable operation.