Push & Touch Technology

Steering from the handlebar: as an alternative to an HMI, we have developed the Push & Touch technology. The Push & Touch technology allows you to comfortably use your smartphone with three buttons while driving. Both hands remain on the handlebars, ensuring a high level of driving safety. All you have to do is put your mobile phone on the steering wheel, connect it and off you go!

The smartphone’s operating systems enable through 3 buttons with respectively three pressure modes “pushing shortly”, “pushing double” and “pushing longer” up to nine different functions, which can be easily detected. Button recognition occurs internally in the smartphone.

The Push & Touch technology can be designed as PushControl or bLight for bikes or as bControl for eBikes. Our PushBike App for Android demonstrates the possibilities of handling. All content-dependent functions of an HMI are in one place.

In addition, the Easy Cadence developed by us can be easily integrated into the existing system.

As an extension we have put together the UrbanBike 2020, which shows the functional features of the Push&Touch technology on different components.

DPMA-file reference: : DE 20 2019 101 617.5

DPMA-file reference: DE 20 2017 002 544.2