Based on the top seller LED bicycle light we have developed the bicycle product bLight. Its easy handling and assembly make it the ideal companion for the networked generation in search of the next urban trend.

bLight takes the smartphone out of the pockets and onto the handlebars. Based on the Push&Touch technology, our innovative control unit on the handlebar, it allows the driver to operate the smartphone while driving with three buttons. The familiar short-, long- and double-stroke push modes are used. The PushControl control unit is fixed to the handlebar for safe use.

The connection from the bLight to the smartphone is established via the latest Bluetooth standard. Just watch how intuitively the light can be switched on and off or how the light intensity can be controlled. After use, simply remove the bLight and charge the battery via USB.

bLight can also be controlled directly with the PushControl independently of a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone. The basic functions, such as switching the light on and off or dimming the light, are supplemented by additional functions, such as a charge level indicator.

As soon as a connection to the smartphone is established, the PushControl commands are forwarded to the app and the bLight and all additional functions are controlled via the smartphone.


The basic function of an LED driving light can be supplemented by the following listed features of the PushBike App. All functions can be individually adapted to the needs of the respective user.

  • Bicycle computer
  • fitness tracker
  • cards
  • Ride tracking with GPX
  • data
  • music players
  • hands-free function
  • Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor
  • Action cam support with live view
  • real-time data
  • social media
  • Multiplayer Games for Cyclists

Three buttons open the world to a unique way of smartphone control!