Standby Powering/ Device for thorough supply of a consumer with electrical energy

DPMA-file reference: DE102015006237A1

EPA-file reference: EP3089318 (A1)

Today´s state of the art

The market all around the so called Internet of Things is constantly growing. There a plenty of technical innovations and devices to turn your home into a “smart home”.It is possible to switch off and on e.g. lamps or power sockets easily via app. Although this requires upgrading the prevailing system in the house: already existing (and mostly as new) switchers have to be entirely replaced by remote switchers. Besides that sensors and low consumers can not be supplied permanently, but only when the switcher is activated mechanically or via the surface of a circuit.

Innovation – Standby Powering

The idea behind Peucon´s innovation is the following: using a Smart Home Application, which lowers the costs for conversion and/or installation while constantly supplying low consumers with power, independent on the circuit being switched on or off.

A diode (Schottky-diode) is installed onto an already existing installation (e.g. a light switch). The former causes an half-wave power supply over the switcher which guarantees a permanent supply of sensors and/or energy-saving LED lamps. An external power supply is thus not necessary. Additionally a functional control trough recognition of the half-wave in the AC/DC-converter can take place.  

Innovation-Standby-PoweringScenario Smart Home

  • Ideal control for all age-sets
  • Communications interface permanently active
  • Concurrent activity of smartphone and
    rocker switch


Beispiel Standby Powering Smart Home System

System concept Standby Powering Unit (SPU)

  • Detection of switch status via AC/DC-electronics
  • Power supply of small loads
  • Full-wave operation when
    contact closed
  • Lighting load condition is
    being controlled