Overview of the different models


The basic model is the entry-level device into the aitoo AppHome Socket family. It includes the basic functions such as timer, alarm and night-light for the output-units power plug, LED and buzzer. Functions and units can be controlled via Android-app and timer.

aitoo AppHome Socket Modelle -Basic


The Motion – model is equipped additionally with a motion sensor on front. The implemented functions can this way be controlled via sensor activity. The set-up for the sensor is done using the Android-app.

aitoo AppHome Socket Modelle - Motion


The SWAN model is equipped with Ethernet – input. This allows for the integration of the aitoo AppHome Socket System into a local area network, as well as function as interface to the internet. The SWAN model includes the functions timer and alarm. Night-light LED is not provided.

In connection with a router, the SWAN model functions as gateway to the internet.