The trend-setting Easy Cadence revolutionizes cadence measurement on a bicycle in a compact and easy-to-install device. The integrated infrared sensor, infrared radar or ultrasound detects the cyclist’s leg movement and determines the cadence.

The system only requires a direct visual contact to one of the cyclist’s legs. The infrared light or ultrasound emitted on the thigh is reflected differently by the movement.

The Easy Cadence can be easily and hardly visibly integrated into an existing system. The system can be universally integrated into bicycle accessories such as a bicycle computer, an LED headlight or a smartphone holder with power bench. This makes it an ideal supplement for GPS speed measurements.

The system does not require additional sensors, cables or batteries on the bicycle. The Easy Cadence is low-maintenance, interference-free and does not require a separate power supply. It is a simple and practical Plug & Play solution.

DPMA file number: 20 2019 103 177.8