Mobility today has many forms, ways of communication and many channels. Therefore, our goal is to combine mobility with communication.

Life takes place in a digitally networked world, our smartphone ensures our connection. In the car, on the bicycle or scooter, in the city or when walking in the park; the smartphone is always with us. We are always networked: we navigate, phone, film, chat, post or tweet.

At the moment, this connection still reaches its limits far too often. Every manufacturer, every vehicle type and every means of transport uses different apps. That is why quick changes are not possible without a break in communication.

The Push&Touch Technology with the Overlapp* enables unlimited connections in every moment. The operation is easy to understand and appealing, making the app the ideal companion on the road and inviting you to stay for a long time.

Be reminded of mum’s birthday while driving: so order your gift quickly online. Does the Italian on the corner still have a table available for reservation? Do Klaus and Lena want to come along too? Organize everyday life on the road, think of the family, cultivate friendships or simply look forward to the end of the day together.

The Push&Touch Technology with the Overlapp* allows the operation of all channels, regardless of the vehicle. Your hands are always at the wheel – no matter what vehicle you’re in. On a bike or scooter, the Overlapp* can be operated using the three-button system. Voice recognition complements the functionality in the car. Operating concepts for walking with gesture control on the arm or joint via Smartwatch are under development.

We are constantly on the move. We are constantly on the move. Push&Touch technology with the Overlapp* makes digital communication on the move possible – seamless, comfortable, reliable and safe.