Our Expertise:

  • developments in the fields of consumer-, automotive- and medical products
  • specific quality management for the different goals in each product area
  • sevelopment of methods und test procedures for high-volume-products
  • extensive management for the different steps in product devleopment, from specification to development and quality assurance
  • the volume of a projects varies from research with prototypes to high-volume-development
  • software-development on the different platforms like embedded platform, Windows, Android Apps and Cloud with Drupal
  • development of hardware-design with layout PCB for digital and high frequent applications
  • fabrication of prototypes and samples
  • specialized in software APIs and ISO Protocol stack layer 1 to 4
  • specialized in wireless communication of the different standards DECT, Bluetooth, NFC ISM-Band und 24 GHz Radar and for Wired USB, CAN-Bus, MIPI, Dali and Ethernet
  • modular writing of software with standardized software-interfaces API AT-Cellular, UPnP, TCP-IP, 6LoWPAN und 802.15.4
  • electric brushless motor control