24 GHz Radar Chip

  • The motion sensor is based on 24 GHz radar sensor
  • The MD8710 (medical platform) is used for control and communication
  • Integration in LED Ballast
  • Usage for automotive applications
  • Control via UART or USB

Technical Description24-ghz-radar back v0.424-ghz-radar front v.0.4

The HF front end module constists of:

  • Antenna
  • Balun filter
  • Sensor IC 24 GHz radar sensor
  • LNA
  • Filter


Development Platform

  • There are two reference boards for development platform24-ghz-radar-carry
  • Development platform is a put up module for 24 GHz radar chip development kit
  • Contains adapter for JTAG debugger and flash loader which can be separated, so that there is only one version for the customers
  • External antennas for development platform
  • Radar is controlled via USB (parameter and measurement)
  • On PC MatLab algorithms are developed