The PushControl is the innovative control unit of the Push & Touch technology. Up to nine functions can be implemented with just three buttons. This new way of operating the smartphone ensures that both hands are always on the handlebars. This increases driving safety without reducing driving pleasure.

In the simplest version, the PushControl is simply connected via the 3.5 mm jack connection of the smartphone. It is either bolted to the bicycle or detachably connected by a simple mechanism. For other applications, the PushControl can be integrated into one unit. One such example application is the bLight.

After the connection has been established, the PushBike App makes all the functions of a bicycle HMI available. The PushControl is, therefore, a low-maintenance and cost-effective extension for every bicycle.


Thanks to the intuitive Push & Touch technology, navigation through the app’s menus is also possible while driving. The functions of the individual buttons are assigned to the respective view depending on the context.

short Pushdouble Pushlong Push
Button Upcontextualcontextualcontextual
Button Centercontextualselection menuturn over
Button Downcontextualcontextualbicycle bell

The GPX Tracking is started, paused or stopped in the bicycle computer by pressing the “short” button. In the map view, the mode can be changed via the selection menu. Depending on the mode, the buttons “Up” and “Down” are used to rotate, zoom or move the map.

These are only two options when using the three buttons of the PushControl. Depending on the requirements of the app, the assignment can be adjusted individually.