Variations of the DECT Plug

With the DECT Plug you can realise a cordless data radio connection.

The DECT Plug is available in two different variations: DECT Plug A5 and DECT Switch. Both variations are based on the DECT Engine MD40 Module from Gigaset. The range of both DECT Plugs is approx. 300 m/984.25 ft in the open area and approx. 50 m/164.04 ft in buildings. Both variations have an internal aerial and a robust case out of polystyrol (light grey/dark grey). Measurements: (LxWxH): 125 x 67 x 32 mm. A fixture for wall mounting is available optionally.

 Variations of the DECT Plug:

Plug A5
DECT Plug A5 (RS232)
DECT Switch-1
DECT Switch