About Peucon


Peucon GmbH is a company for engineering services, development and consulting. Our experience and a track record since 1991 work as a solid base for the future. We have participated in national and international team projects.

In the field of modern communications technology we have specialized for several years on the development of protocol software and hardware. Our strength lies in the development of concepts and products in the field of wireless telecommunication technology. We have profound knowledge in the development of DECT and Bluetooth® products in accordance with national and international standards and in the implementation of protocol software for the ISO layer model embedded in the microcontroller world as well as on the PC under Windows™.

We have years of experience in the development of concepts and products for wireless communication, internet protocols, software, firmware and hardware, and in the development of customized applications and the development of application interfaces for embedded systems.

Our customers are operating in the areas of capital goods and consumer goods. Our goal is a long-term customer loyalty which is why our customers will be accompanied throughout the product cycle.
We are specialized in the development of components for high-volume products as our quality management system is  designed for high-volume. In addition, we adapt the quality requirements of our customers.

We manufacture communications technology for sensors and actuators as well as custom applications for embedded systems.